Granite Systems


Kirkcaldy, Fife

Tel 01592 654386


Machinery and specialist equipment.

Our factory space is compact but ideally set-up for easy transfer from one process to the next. Our production process usually begins in our customers premises where we will use a Proliner digital measuring system to accurately determine the dimensions and orientation of the required surfaces. This digital plan is then transferred to computers where the requirements are modified to include sinks, hobs, joints etc.  The CNC saws are next in the production order where sheets of material are accurately cut to size before being moved onto the CNC Workcentre’s which cut-out the sinks, hobs and special shapes. The last process is edge polishing and hand finishing before a final quality check prior to loading into our fitter’s vans.


More than 20 years of supplying top quality worksurfaces


Computerised production combined with hand finished quality


Everything covered from one-off bespoke items to multiple units for large projects